, to solve people’s questions, Wu Fangfang did not realize that she put much more thorough implementation of the sentence.

  Pei Naochun reluctantly sat across from his wife, he looked at his wife, and shook his head: “Fang Fang, you will not find that where there is wrong with you?”   ”Where does?”Wu Fangfang immediately asked.   Pei Naochun see a positive Stern to his wife, face very serious –   You know, in the origin杭州桑拿al body memory,

yu slowly matured, grown up, and realized that a lot of wrong behavior, you can then give the child Han heart, has left a heavy wound, hard to heal.

  ”not good!”Pei Ziyu been shaking his head, tears continue to drop down.   ”Dad also hope that gift to you, stay in your hands.”Pei Pei Ziyu holding a doll Naochun shook 苏州夜网his hand,” you cute little shark?You so despise it, it certainly felt very sad, and my father to buy you a small shark, specially runSeveral

re it?The sister of it, even if my mother every time pressing must give, as long as my sister crying, and finally my parents would just shake their heads over his head, he looked at her and looked cramped and said: “Look, your sister this voice have to cry bad, sub-Han sister you do this, do not grab and sister.”This sentence is a general, she gave up the ghost energy and sister eating heart.

  That sentence is appropriate, perhaps, her full sister, and sister, but it is still my sister.   Even the gift Dad brought back, she also points to share the truth Peizai Han heard countless times, but sometimes, but still want 北京体验网to return to a monopoly.   I do not sentence, Pei Ziyu shock was crying louder and

re yet?Allowed the child to eat a return to how it?

  When adults are still a possessive, not to mention the children themselves can not do everything, to share material objects, why do you blame the children for selfish it?Again, the child usually has more than enough points, learn to share, rather than having深圳桑拿网 to share, did this rule this world.   ”I.”Pei Ziyu see my father’s

all shark, sister to the grilled shrimp dry, now buy back, is that not everyone should be a gift of their own it?”Pei Pei Z杭州桑拿洗浴iyu looked Naochun,” If my father and now you say, small sharks do not give you, I want to take the matter to others, Ember happy it?”

  Pei Ziyu great response, she immediately hugged the doll, shook his he佛山桑拿网ad, tied two pigtail to swing: “not to others, is my little shark.”   Wu Fangfang listen quite right, she tugged at her husband’s clothes, her husband said these, and they can both have always taught her daughter is not the same, can Pei Naochun

ation there clearly and logically.

  Before the departure, according to the old rules they have to choose the right things, Pei Ziyu to the mascot is modeled puppet or toy; Peizi Han prefer to eat, she wants is online limelight large, very well-known local a grilled shrimp dry, Pei Naochun naturally eleven上海419论坛 to buy back, while his wife is a

, you get wiped Almighty.

  Pei Ziyu suddenly remembered something, his hands raised high: “Dad!father!I got a confession!Former “She often praised by teachers in kindergarten, came home each statement also accustomed to raising their hands.   ”How Ember?”Pei Naochun patiently asked, take the opportunity for her广州桑拿 daughter is a positive collar.   ”Gift it?”Pei Ziyu luminous eyes, stared at the big box

small hand against the father who wants to go back, not my sister’s mouth that “sticky fine”, so long since she received the teachings of years, have grown up, do sister, she can not afford to have these “childish” and “not sensible” behavior.

  Pei Naochun heard that, they deliberately overcast face, very gently took the next Pei Ziyu, this strength will not feel pain dignitaries: “This is where the naive?No matter how big, is the father of the baby daughter, your sister is 99 years old, her mother and father like a baby, it is only right and